About Me

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Hey, this is a little about me.

My real name is not lovelace, it is actually Sarah, I just chose to use Lovelace as my "artistic" name in honour of Ada Lovelace, I just thought her name was so pretty and what she did was amazing, so yeah, that's the reason behind the name lovelace. I am Colombian and I am 16 years old.

I currently speak three languages:

I am so strict in what I use, I always avoid using non-free software (free as in freedom), here's a little list of the software that I use in a daily basis on my pc:

I love music, I am almost all the time listening to the music, the genres I like the most are jazz, swing, easy listening, blues, industrial metal, Spanish rap, folk, rock, country, tango, grunge, emocore, salsa, ska, punk, pop, and some music in spanish. Some bands and artists I like are (sorted by genre):

Also, I love reading, I love novels, books about computer science, programming and cybersecurity, yet I am the worst recommending books, you ask me for books for you to read or bands for you to listen to and I will forget all the books and bands I know.

I don't follow any religion nor believe in any god, I loved the LaVeyan philosophy so sometimes I mention it.

I am an anarchist, I usually say I am an anarcho-comunist but that is not true, when I started learning about anarchism the first school of thought I discovered was Kropotkin's libertarian communism, then I discovered Emma Goldman's anarchism, Stirner's anarchism, then I started reading Nietzche's essays and books and I created my "own" philosophy, but the one that has influenced me the most is Kropotkin's communism.

I feel like I am a very annoying person, I can only be either so extroverted or incredibly introverted (I am more often the second one). Another reason for which I consider I am annoying is because of the way I express my likes, I mean… there's nothing bad on disliking someone, but you have to be careful in the way you say it because there might be other people that like that thing and you might make them feel bad or something like that, talk to me about python, C++, C#, Java or similar languages and you'll see how I can't contain how passionate I am about the hate for those languages (I am working hard on improving that, I swear).