Petition to stop calling cybersecurity experts "hackers"

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One of the things I like the less about media, social media and sometimes, us, the developers and hackers community is that they imposed the term “hacker” for a person that is a cybersecurity researcher, it is right that the term “hacker” (as in security) is part of the hacker culture, IT IS NOT THE ONLY ONE.

I knew it was so bad, when once talking with a person, while compiling my Linux kernel, that person asked what was I doing, and I answered “I am hacking my kernel” that person replied “why do you want to hack your own computer?” he belived that I was breaking my kernel’s security.

If you are talking with a person (or about a person) that is a cybersecurity researcher, expert or enthusiast please don’t call them hackers, you can use some other terms (such as crackers - the one that got adopted on this website).

At first, I used the term “hacker” on this site, because I wanted to attract people’s attention, I wanted them to already know what to expect in the “Hacking” section, but what if I wanted to write a guide about compiling a Linux kernel later? How would I call it? I should call it “Kernel tweaking” (or similar) so people don’t get confused as the person previously mentioned. I do not care anymore if the people understands or not what cracking is (at first, as its meaning is described in the main page of this website).

If you don’t know what a hacker is, this is a very good read.