The Zea Banger project

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Hello everybody, I am Bassara and this is the Zea Banger project (yes, I know the name sucks).

This is a project I decided to start to help people willing to learn about computer science or to take their programming and cracking abilities to the next level.

Here you can find a lot of different things for free, as in freedom and as in free beer (for more info see Philosophy).

Is all this content for free?

Yes, it is. You can access all the entries in this website and even modify its source code or create derivative projects for free, there are a few conditions to that. I decided to gather all the information in this website to help people who has not the resources to buy books or online courses, is not completely sure if this is what they want to study or just this is something they don’t want to spend money on.

You can donate here to support this project and you can also contribute material in this git repository.

Take in account that English is not my first language, and I might commit some errors, if you want to fix them you are completely free to contribute changes to Zea.

Are you an expert?

Nope, I am not I am just somebody who is passionate about technology and programming, I have never been in college or studied formally the things shown in this website, I learned from books, courses, and experts.