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The followings are some of the projects I am currently working in:


Kinl (stands for Kinl Is Not Linux - as a reference to the GNU project) spelled Kinel is a completely-free (as in freedom and as in free beer) operating system made from scratch in C and Assembly.

This is not a production-ready operating system, it is just made so I can understand how computers actually work and test my abilities in the previously mentioned programming languages.

Kinl is not just a kernel, is meant to be an entire operating system, it contains some other sub-projecs as Klisp, Knet and some others. You can read more about all of them in the readme file of its git repository.


AnonWorld is a completely-free (as in free beer - regretably it uses javascript but its experience is not damaged if you use LibreJS) cracking and programming school ran by some hacktivists from the anonymous collective.

I will be creating some courses there, it is completely free and there are forums so you can learn with the other users as well.